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Angus is a writer from Atlanta, GA who writes about behavioral health, adolescent development, education, and mindfulness practices like yoga, tai chi, and meditation.

How to Handle Family Members Who Deny Mental Illness

When your teenager receives a diagnosis for a mental health disorder, one thing you realize is that you need all the support you can get. Support from your spouse, co-parent, or partner. Support from your own parents, siblings, and friends: from wherever and whomever, every little bit counts. You may tough it out at the […]

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Teens and Mental Health in the News: The NBC Report

It’s been a year. The vaccines are here. Public health officials, in collaboration with state, municipal, and community resources, are in the process of distributing doses to as many people in the U.S. as they can. They’re doing it as quickly as possible, under challenging circumstances. Whether this means our kids will be back in […]

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When Is It Time to Seek Alcohol Treatment for Adolescents?

Alcohol is the most abused substance among teens in the U.S. Most parents understand their teenager is likely to experiment with alcohol at some point during adolescence. That goes for all teens, and most parents understand their teen is not immune. From students who do everything by the book to students who love to rebel […]

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For Parents: How to Understand Changes in Psychiatric Medication

Are psychiatrists guessing about what to prescribe? If you have a teenager with a mental health disorder that requires medication, you may become discouraged if the first medication their psychiatrist prescribes does not improve their symptoms or offer them any relief. We understand how hard that can be. The types of mental health conditions that […]

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How do Adolescent DBT Programs Help Depressed and Anxious Teens?

An adolescent DBT program empowers teens to make their own choices and live life on their own terms. There are several evidence-based therapeutic approaches that can help adolescents manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety and live a life free from major impairment or daily disturbance. Research shows that the most effective treatment for depression […]

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CDC Report – Mental Health ER Visits for Kids and Teens Increased in 2020

Officials predicted negative consequences for youth – and now we have the data. In the weeks and months following the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic here in the U.S., professionals who work with children and adolescents warned that young people might experience a wide range of negative consequences as a result of the various mitigation […]

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