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Angus is a writer from Atlanta, GA who writes about behavioral health, adolescent development, education, and mindfulness practices like yoga, tai chi, and meditation.

Parental Controls: Teens Still See Pornography Despite Parents’ Best Intentions

Mental Health Distress in Teens Obsessed with Pornography Parenting a teenager in the internet age is challenging. Thirty years ago, it was possible to control a teenager’s access to media with relative ease. Smartphones did not exist. Most families had televisions, but most programming was PG, with the exception of cable TV, where blocking explicit […]

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The Risks of Social Media to Adolescent Mental Health

If you’re the parent of a teenager in the year 2021, there’s a good chance you worry about the impact of social media on their mental health. You have good reason to worry. Media headlines over the past several years have presented a consistent message: social media is bad for our teens. Data from reputable […]

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Would Keeping Cell Phones Out of Schools Help Teens’ Mental Health?

Experts Disagree on the Effect of Cell Phones on Adolescent Mental Health We recently published an article called Why Are Teens Lonelier and More Depressed? that discussed the state of mental health in our adolescent population as of 2021. Evidence from a wide variety of sources shows a marked deterioration in the overall mental health […]

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How Treatment Centers for Teenage Depression Accelerate Mood Stabilization

Treatment for Teen Bipolar Disorder Parents of teens diagnosed with depression often wonder what steps clinicians in an adolescent treatment center will take, at the beginning of treatment, to balance the extreme moods and other up-and-down emotional symptoms their teen experiences. For parents of teens diagnosed with bipolar disorder (BD), this is often their main […]

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Adolescent Inpatient Treatment: How to Choose a Level of Care

Inpatient Treatment Options for Teens with Mental Health/Addiction Issues In most cases, inpatient treatment for teens with mental health and/or addiction disorders occurs in an adolescent residential treatment center (RTC) or a psychiatric hospital for teens. These two levels of care are similar, but there are important differences. This article helps parents understand those differences. […]

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When Is It Time for Parents to Consider Inpatient Teen Depression Treatment?

Professional Help for Teenage Depression: A Life-Changing Choice We’ll open this article by answering the question posed in the title right away. Then we’ll explain the steps you need to take – or may have taken already – before considering or committing to inpatient teen depression treatment. We won’t make you read through the supporting […]

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Social Media and Wellbeing: It’s Not That You Use It, It’s How You Use It

Shortly after social media platforms entered the national spotlight about ten years ago, critics began warning us that excessive time scrolling, posting, liking, and commenting on posts would lead to negative mental health consequences. Over the past ten years, various studies have examined the effect of social media use on well-being, with mixed results. Some […]

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Suicide Risk In Teens – Body Image, Concussion, Mental Health Issues

Increased Risk for Teen Athletes, Boys and Girls with Body Dysmorphic Disorder Over the past several years, national news media published countless reports on increases in mental health disorders among adolescents (age 12-17) and young adults (age 15-29). Before the coronavirus pandemic began, mental health professionals called it a mental health crisis in our teens […]

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