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Mindfulness and Positive Body Image

We’re close to twenty years into the 21st century. It’s a safe bet to say that almost anyone reading this blog has heard of mindfulness. And that’s not surprising, because although it’s still considered a complementary or alternative therapy in the medical and mental health communities, and many members of the general public still think […]

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Five Reasons Not to Put Off a Teen’s Treatment Because of School

We invite you to engage in a hypothetical. Say, for instance, school starts next week. In California, it does. So that’s not hypothetical. But stick with us. Let’s say school starts next week and your adolescent child has just received a clinical diagnosis indicating they have a mental health disorder. Let’s say the diagnosis is […]

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Air Pollution and Childhood Brain Development

The impact of air pollution on general health is well-known. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicate that airborne contaminants such as ground-level ozone and particulate matter such as dirt, soot, and smoke increase the likelihood of developing: Lung cancer Cardiovascular disease Asthma Pneumonia Bronchitis In addition, exposure to ground-level ozone and particulate matter is […]

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