Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

We all understand the importance of good mental health, especially when it comes to how our children learn to cope with difficult decisions and use good judgement in their every day lives. It’s hard enough being a teenager in today’s world, and if they don’t develop the proper ways to handle certain situations, they can grow into an adult who still presents with the same issues throughout their lives. At Evolve Treatment Centers, we understand these problems that many children are going through, and we offer Adolescent Mental Health Treatment that can truly make a difference.

As the leading Adolescent Mental Health Treatment providers, Evolve Treatment Centers can help parents whose teens are having a difficult time developing proper coping skills and for those who act out and seem to deliberately find trouble. Every child is unique, which is why we design a treatment program that deals with their specific issues and behavior patterns. We offer a holistic treatment program that includes the mind, the body and the spirit for an overall approach to their recovery.

If your child’s mental heath issues are not being dealt with, it can lead to other issues:

Substance Abuse
As your teen’s poor mental health continues, it can end up leading to risky behavior patters, such as alcohol or drug abuse. And because these substances affect the mind, it could end up leading to even more mental health problems in the future. If substance abuse is not taken care of immediately, it can lead to dependence on them which then creates another set of problems.

Eating Disorders
Girls are much more likely to develop this life-threatening disorder, and it’s been shown that over 10% of teenage girls suffer from this issue. Many times, this problem is created when girls feel that they have no control in their lives, so they choose to control their eating habits. Many of them literally starve themselves, while others over-eat and then purge, and both of these take a dangerous toll on the body.

Risky Sexual Behavior
Many teens with mental health issues seek acceptance and attention from others when they feel that no one in their home cares about them. Girls and boys alike, turn to sex as a release and as a rebellion against their families. Most are too immature for sex in the first place, and when dealing with mental health issues, poor judgement can lead to unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

Poor Academics
School is difficult enough for many teens these days, and when mental health problems develop, it can cause serious issues with your child’s ability to learn. This can lead to not being able to get the job or go to the college that they had hoped for. Many teens just don’t even bother showing up over time, as they feel it’s useless.

If you feel that your child could benefit from Adolescent Mental Health Treatment, Evolve Treatment Centers can make all the difference. We have a great staff of health care professionals who are here to help. Please call us at 866.205.0862 for further assistance.

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