Evolve Treatment

We help teens heal and adapt, to foster better tomorrows for your family.

At Evolve, we offer unmatched mental health and substance use treatment for adolescents 12-17 years old. We combine the best in care and comfort.

How is our approach different?

We are a clinician-led organization, and our team of experts are empowered to create individualized treatment plans that deploy a variety of therapies to bring your teen and family to a place where you can thrive together.  

We use an evidence-based and behavioral approach to treatment that includes psychiatry, a significant focus on DBT skills training, and other therapeutic methods based on the individual needs of your teen. With a national reputation for clinical excellence, we provide a safe and structured environment where teens develop valuable skills and insights, ensuring gains in treatment are maintained long after discharge. 

photo of teen in treatment

Are you struggling to find the right words that resonate with your teen?

Do you feel like there’s nothing you can do about the problems you face at school or at home?

We can help, with a team that’s kind and approachable, in a setting that’s warm and welcoming for all. In our care, you’ll find your way out of the hopeless dynamics that many families find themselves in when trauma hits.

Effective healing for your family is here.

Support at the Level Your Teen Needs

Evolve offers three levels of care. Teens can participate in residential treatment at one of our many homes or they can live at home while participating in one of our day or afterschool outpatient programs. We believe in meeting teens and families where they are and providing the best quality of care at the level of care that makes the most sense for them.  

Locations Designed for Healing

Evolve has over 15 locations throughout the state. Designed specifically for our teens, each location provides a safe, comfortable, positive, and productive environment where real change happens daily.  

A Step Towards Your Teens Recovery

Our admissions team is here to help you navigate the different levels of care and treatment programs, provide thorough assessments, and can work with your teens outside providers and insurance company. Our goal is to help you find the best treatment options for your teen and get started on the road to recovery.   

Check out our family resource page where our team of clinicians discuss mental health challenges

More questions? We’re here for you.